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Network Cabling With Doyle Electrical



Whether you need a new structured cabling installation or alterations to your existing Installation, at Doyle Electrical our range of computer cabling solutions covers every angle. From cat 5e cabling to cat 6 and 6a, from computer cabling for a standalone computer, through to network cabling or structured cabling for your data and voice solutions, you can trust us for a professional service - guaranteed. For us, there is no job too big or too small - our fully qualified installers have the expertise and knowledge to provide a first class Structured cabling Installation in domestic homes and businesses alike.


The files and information held on your computer system are invaluable, so ensuring that your computer cabling is installed, tested and maintained correctly is vital in protecting your technology. In fact, over half of all network downtime can be directly attributed to faulty cables and bad cabling, so the same goes for your network cabling or structured cabling too.


Computer Cabling - contact us now to discuss your requirements


What is Computer Cabling?


Computer cabling is the term used to cover all types of cabling for computers and data transfer. Whichever type of cable - from cat 5e cabling through to fibre, whether for a single computer or for a whole system (your network cabling), and even including voice and video via structured cabling, they all share a common task - to create a physical link between ports allowing the data to be transferred.


This is clearly critical for most homes and businesses. Your computer cabling connects you to the world via the Internet - even if you have a wireless connection, in order to broadcast your router must be physically connected by a data cable to the Internet. And your Ethernet upon which your local area network (LAN) is hosted is built with network cabling to enable the computers and peripherals within your business to communicate and share data.


To keep you connected, professional installation of your computer cabling is vital - from the cables used for the Internet, your networking and Ethernet - in particular cat 5e cabling, as well as telecommunications. At Doyle Electrical we install, test and maintain all the computer cabling solutions needed to connect you up and keep your data flowing safely. And that includes all your network cabling and structured cabling too.


Computer Cabling at a Glance


There are many different types of computer cabling, each meeting a specific need. And with so many cabling configurations to choose from, using a team of experts to design, install and test the right cables for each and every network is strongly recommended. Here we take a quick look at the types of cable on the market and their uses.


Cat 3 Cabling


Very popular a few years ago, Cat 3 data cables - made up of a copper twisted-pair - can still be found in many installations today. With a maximum bandwidth of 16 MHz and the ability to transfer up to 10 MB per second, at Doyle Electrical we no longer install cat 3 cabling, preferring to use cat 5e or cat 6 as standard to ensure better bandwidth and transfer times.


Cat 5 and Cat 5e Cabling


Cat 5 and its successor cat 5e cabling are highly popular and account for a large proportion of our installs at Doyle Electrical. Again made up of a twisted-pair, cat 5 and cat 5e cabling are designed to maintain high signal integrity, so are particularly appropriate for use in Ethernet cabling.


Cat 6 and cat 6a cabling


Delivering 250 MHz and 500 MHz of bandwidth respectively, and backward compatible with the cables described above, cat 6 and cat 6a cabling are especially applicable for high spec Gigabit Ethernet work. Our team of engineers have the experience and qualifications to meet the specific standards required when requested to install and terminate cat 6 and cat 6a data cables.


Cat 7 Cabling


Becoming increasingly prevalent in industry use cat 7 cable allows for 10 Gigabit Ethernet and is also backwards compatible, so can be used in conjunction with cat 5 and cat5e cabling. Currently TIA/EIA unrecognised, we do not currently have a requirement to install cat 7 cabling.


Fibre Optic Cabling


With levels of speed, reliability and flexibility not offered by copper cables, fibre optic cabling transfers data through specially engineered lengths of plastic or glass, making it significantly more costly. While our own engineers do not currently work with fibre optic cabling, we have hand-picked a team of trusted and highly qualified contractors who can carry out this work on our behalf.


Installing Computer Cabling


Installing computer cabling, especially your network cabling and structured cabling, can be no small job, and it has its risks too. As well as the obvious pitfalls of incorrectly installed cabling, such as your systems simply not functioning or functioning inappropriately, there are many regulatory standards, both European and global, to comply with.


And then there are the health and safety issues to consider, with potentially tens, if not hundreds of wires to keep track of, and the possible exposure to mains electricity cables if construction work is also being carried out.


This is why we recommend that the installation of computer cabling, network cabling and structured cabling should be carried out by qualified professionals, no matter how big or small the job may seem.


At Doyle Electrical you can be assured of a safe and thorough installation, with quality guaranteed. Before undertaking any installation work we will carry out a full survey to identify each requirement, the correct standard of products to ensure compliance, ie cat 5, cat 5e cabling, cat 6 or cat 6a cabling - you'll find more information on our review process below.


We will then install your cable management - the trunking, cable trays and the like - before we do the first fix of the cable installation itself. From here we will terminate all cables to accessories before a final test of the installation and the all important documentation is issued.


Your Computer Cabling Review


Reviewing both your existing computer cabling and your forthcoming requirements before any installation comes as standard with Doyle Electrical. And ensuring this task is completed properly is as important to the functionality and safety of your system as the installation itself. That is why our qualified installers carry out every stage of the installation, right from the review.


We will liaise with you and your IT department to ascertain your requirements, establish the standard of your existing installation and identify the most suitable computer cabling for your hardware and needs. From this we will provide a design, schedule and quotation for your agreement, after which your installation work can begin.


For a professional installation from beginning to end, with quality materials, standards and installers you can trust, choose Doyle Electrical.


Discuss your computer cabling requirements and arrange a visit from one of our team of professionals. Call today on 01473 622674

Computer Cabling - contact us now to discuss your requirements


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