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Doyle Electrical Services Electric Vehicle Charging

EV Charging

Doyle Electrical Tesla Electric Vehicle Charging

Tesla EV Charge Point Installation

Doyle Electrical Services Ltd are proud to be a chosen and approved electrical installer for Tesla’s home and workplace wall connectors for EV charge points, covering Ipswich, Martlesham and many other locations in Suffolk, Essex and East Anglia.

Tesla recommend the installation of their Tesla wall connector, as this is the most convenient way to charge at your home or business, with the fastest re-charge speeds. Simply plug in overnight and wake up to a full charge, every morning.


  • Recommended for Model X, Model S and Model 3
  • Faster charging speeds than our standard mobile connector.
  • Customisable power levels and compatible with every different grid connection
  • Up to four wall connectors can share available power, making it perfect for families with more than one EV
  • The wall connector can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

About Tesla

Tesla EV Installation

The Tesla Wall Connector has a Type 2 cable, which plugs directly into your vehicle.

A Tesla can charge up to 16.5 kW or 51 miles/hour. This achievable charge rate with the Tesla wall connector depends on your incoming electrical supply to your home or business and any spare capacity you have.

Most houses have a single-phase incoming supply allowing you to charge up to 7.2 kW or 23 miles/hour. This is more than sufficient for overnight charging.

Some homes and businesses have a three-phase incoming supply. This connection enables you to charge up to 16.5 kW or 51 miles/hour.

With every installation being different and our wealth of experience in installing EV charge points for Tesla, we can make sure your vehicle charges as quickly as possible, without the risk of overloading your electrical installation. Following the installation, we ensure that your Tesla wall connector is correctly set up, commissioned and tested. We then issue you with the relevant electrical completion certificate and register your installation with Tesla UK.

If you have a requirement for a Tesla wall connector, then please call 01473 622674, or email sales@doyleelectrical.co.uk

Doyle Electrical Services Electric Vehicle Charging

Rolec Electric Vehicle Charging

Rolec EV is a division of Rolec Services Limited – a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of outdoor and indoor electrical connection, hook-up and distribution equipment.

Specialising in designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of quality electric vehicle charging stations and power distribution equipment, the flexible Rolec EV products are compatible with all leading motor manufacturers’ EVs.

In fact, Rolec EV has EV charging solutions to cover every budget, from the basic WallPod for domestic customers, through to the more sophisticated EV PayCentre for car parks. With electric vehicles becoming more and more popular, and the range of bikes and scooters developing too, there is an increasing demand for EV charging points, both for our domestic customers as well as for commercial clients. We are proud to partner with Rolec Services – specialists with over 20 years’ experience offering quality, reliability and innovation in their field – and are Rolec-approved EV installers.

To discuss your individual electric vehicle charging requirements call your local team of EV charge point specialists at Doyle Electrical Services, leading electrical contractors in Suffolk.

Doyle Electrical Services Electric Vehicle Charging

MyEnergi Vehicle Charging

MyEnergi, are a small but mighty team made up of experts, activists and inventors. Their mission is to give you your power back. They supply tens of thousands of homes and businesses globally with their smart devices, that not only support the National Grid, but also gives you the power to control your home’s flow of energy. Micro-generated surplus energy can be as high as 80% and 100% of that can be self-consumed through their Zappi, Eddi and Harvi products.

Their Zappi Eco-smart EV charger allows you to charge your EV with your Solar PV, meaning you can charge your car free via your solar PV Installation.

We are proud to partner with Myenergi. To discuss your individual electric vehicle charging requirements call your local team of EV charge point specialists at Doyle Electrical Services.

Doyle Electrical Tesla Electric Vehicle Charging

EO Electric Vehicle Charging

EO stands for ‘Electricity Online’ – an idea integral to their vision of designing smart energy technologies for the future. Through integrations with solar panels, battery storage and smart home devices - EO will enable individuals to remove their dependency on the National Grid. EO are working to create a new energy ecosystem which gives people the power of energy autonomy.

Founded by Charlie Jardine in 2015, EO Charging designs and manufactures EV charging stations and smart software for homes, fleets and destinations. Having previously worked at another UK-based charger manufacturer, Charlie was frustrated by the unreliability of existing infrastructure and setup EO with a pledge to make charging simple and reliable.After 12 months of development in a barn on his grandfather’s farm in Suffolk the company’s first EV charger was produced - the EO Basic. Within months EO secured numerous orders and the company looked to expand across the UK.

Next came the EO Genius, a modular and scalable smart charger designed to support the electrification of fleets, apartments and destinations. The success of the EO Genius quickly positioned the company as a leader in the fleet charging space.

In parallel to the development of commercial electric vehicle chargers, EO began to extensively research the home charging market. In 2018, EO launched the EO Mini & EO Mini Pro - the smallest electric vehicle chargers on the market. The EO Mini was created in response to consumer feedback that homeowners wanted a discreet charging unit for the side of their house.

To date, EO Charging has made over 10,000 electric vehicle chargers and operates in over 30 countries around the world including the United Kingdom, Norway, Australia and Thailand.

We are proud to partner with EO Charging. To discuss your individual electric vehicle charging requirements call your local team of EV Charge Point specialists at Doyle Electrical Services. We can help you with EV charge points whether you live in Ipswich, Martlesham, Kesgrave, and many other destinations in Suffolk, Essex and across East Anglia.

For all domestic, commercial and industrial electrical services please contact us today.

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