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Professional electrical contractors, Ipswich based Doyle Electrical, are often asked, when visiting their commercial and industrial customers, how energy savings can be made without investing hundreds or thousands of pounds in new, more energy efficient boilers and heating systems, insulation and other more environmentally conscious products.



Searching For Energy Savings



An energy audit is a good place to start looking for the quick wins, but there are other ways to make good savings to your budget and lessen your impact on the environment.


In today's poor economic climate, and taking into account the ever rising costs of electricity and gas, when it comes to business energy bills, savings need to be made.


This need is coupled with an increasing movement towards corporate social responsibility and environmental initiatives such as ISO 14001, many companies find that for their own peace of mind, as well as to ensure they are not left behind by the competition, there is a need to be more overtly environmentally conscious as a business.


Doyle Electrical Contractors Ipswich are well placed to advise businesses on the best ways of achieving savings while also choosing environmentally responsible solutions.


High End Savings With Low Energy Light Bulbs


For customers of electrical contractors in Ipswich, Doyle Electrical, Independent, Friendly energy saving guidance is always at hand. One of the most cost effective and easy to achieve electricity saving measures is the low energy or LED lamp.


Historically bulky and taking a long time to 'warm up' to a rather white, cold and low quality light, as well as poor lamp life, there was an understandable reluctance towards the early low energy light bulb models. Costs were also prohibitively high. These issues have been addressed, and they now provide a much better standard of lighting, offering hours and hours of light, lasting up to 10 times longer than their traditional equivalents and using around 80% less electricity.


With different types of low energy and LED Lamps on the market to suit varying needs, as well as options on the colour temperature (warmer or cooler shades of lighting) for compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), there are bulbs to suit a range of lighting tastes.


Low Energy Lighting Options - LEDs


Possibly the future for low energy lighting, LEDs have the advantage of lighting up almost immediately, and they have a longer life – in fact they can last for up to 20 years. This Technology is getting better and can suit almost all situations, and environments, and can provide a useful level of lighting both internally and externally.

Low Energy Lighting Options – CFLs

Currently one of the most common and cost effective options for low energy lighting on the market, CFLs use only a fifth of the electricity of traditional incandescent equivalents, making them 400 times more efficient.

Available in a number of different wattages, shapes and lamp styles, (including bayonet and screw), CFLs also now offer different light colour options, with cooler temperatures offering a more yellow light and hotter ones offering whiter light. AND in most cases, CFLs can now be used with dimmer switches – an issue that has caused problems in the past.

Low Energy Light Bulbs – A Cost Effective Choice

Speaking with customers, Doyle Electrical contractors in Ipswich often find that cost is a big issue when it comes to low energy lamps. But while they appear more expensive on a purchase price only assessment, looking at the cost over the whole life of your lamp will tell a very different story. Needing to be replaced much more often, and using up to five times more electricity than their low energy equivalents, traditional incandescent bulbs are actually much more costly. The price of CFLs and LEDS is also reducing as they become more popular.

In fact, the Energy Saving Trust offers that replacing a traditional lamp with a compact fluorescent light bulb of the same brightness will typically save around £3 per year, which makes around £50 over the whole life of the bulb.

More Lighting Guidance For Commercial Cost Savings

As well as using low energy light bulbs, businesses can make savings to their bottom line by taking simple measures that mirror the tips for domestic home owners:

  • Turn lights off when rooms are empty – for CFLs if you are going to be out of the room for less than 15 minutes though, it’s worth leaving them on as the cost to reheat is greater.

  • Consider a lighting control system including automatic light switches and occupancy or movement sensors.

  • Only turn lights on when it is necessary – daylight is your most cost efficient lighting!

Commercial Lighting From Doyle Electrical Contractors Ipswich

At Doyle Electrical our contractors in Ipswich know that choosing the right lighting can not only result in cost savings, it can also have a big effect on your employees’ wellbeing, with a positive effect on productivity, and again on your bottom line. As Fully qualified as NIC EIC commercial and Industrial electricians, we have the experience and knowledge to help you with the latest and best developments in lighting, and provide you with a quality professional installation.

Electrical Contractors Ipswich - Find out more about the lighting services from Doyle Electrical, your local contractors for Ipswich and East Anglia.




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