For Solar Installation Suffolk Based Doyle Electrical Solar Say The Timing's Bright To Invest


Solar PV is becoming affordable to everyone, and when it comes to your solar installation Suffolk home to the Sunrise Coast is a great place to source the sun. We are resident experts in renewable energy, including solar PV. At Doyle Electrical Services Ltd we keep a keen eye on the most efficient solutions on the market, and now is a great time to choose a solar installation in Suffolk and across the UK.


MCS Accredited Solar PV Installers



Using panels of cells generally mounted on your rooftops, solar PV (or photovoltaic solar as it is sometimes otherwise known) converts the light from the sun into usable electricity. While there is an initial investment to be made, the energy harvested is free: you can gain a return on your investment from it and, even better, it's green.


About Solar PV


Working to their optimum in bright sunlight, solar panels will still generate some electricity when they are partially shaded or if it is overcast. Attached to a mounting system, typically on your roof and generally fastened directly to the rafters on your roof, solar panels generate direct current (DC) electricity which is transported to an inverter to be changed into alternating current (AC) – the type of electricity that can be used for the appliances in your home and business premises


If you have no demand for electricity at any given moment, the energy generated by the solar panels can flow directly into the national grid (for which you will be paid through export tariffs, You will alos be paid for every unit you generate regardless of if you use it, this is known as a feed-in tariff).


Solar PV – The Government's Renewable Energy of Choice


With energy consumption fast outstripping supply as we place higher demand on electrical appliances, our fossil fuels becoming harder to access, and a need for the UK to import energy more and more to make up demand, the UK Government has made solar energy their renewable energy of choice.


In a bid to help both home owners and businesses to reduce dependence on precious fossil fuels, as well as the export tariff payments that will be made to you for the surplus energy that gets transported back to the grid, the Government have put incentives in place to encourage uptake of solar PV, making payments to you for all of the solar energy your PV system generates.


The Feed in Tariffs scheme (FiTs) offers generation tariffs even if you use all of your solar energy yourself, and are available to anyone using MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited companies to install their photovoltaic solar system. A typical solar PV system with an installation size of 3.5kWp could earn around £452 a year from generation tariffs*.


Solar Installation Suffolk – There's Never Been A Better Time For Solar PV


When it comes to choosing a solar installation, Suffolk based professionals Doyle Electrical believe that there has never been a better time – whether for your home or for your commercial premises. The costs of the materials used in the manufacture of both solar panels and the inverters they connect to have dropped and this is reflected in their installed price.


With the introduction of micro inverters – a recent development in the equipment that converts DC into AC electricity – optimum power levels can be harvested even if there is partial shading, debris or other obstructions on any one solar panel, making this form of renewable energy more efficient and better still, even more accessible to situations that previously may not have been considered as achievable solar PV sites.


And, as the micro converters monitor each and every panel rather than each array (or group), each panel can be singled out and monitored for performance and failure, making them much more cost effective to maintain.


Add to this the much better and even longer manufacturers' warranties, even with a fall in the Feed in Tariffs (FiTs), customers can still expect a return on investment within a very short six or seven years.


For Your Solar Installation Suffolk Based Doyle Electrical Are the Answer


Doyle Electrical offer the full range of professional electrical services to home owners and commercial customers across Suffolk and East Anglia. With 20 years' experience, Doyle Electrical Solar was established to bring you a local MCS accredited solar installation for Suffolk and beyond, allowing you to get the best value going. As well as being independent, allowing us to choose the best choice of supplier and materials for your installation, all of our solar PV installations qualify for initiatives such as the Feed in Tariff scheme. They are also eligible for a discounted rate of VAT of just 5% and, as with all work carried out by the team at Doyle Electrical, come with your satisfaction guaranteed.


To find out more about the savings you can make investing in a solar installation with Suffolk based Doyle Electrical, please call us on 01473 622674.

* Figures quoted from Which?






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