British Sharp NU245 J5 Mono panels


Bealings, 3.92kwp Sharp installation, using high quality British Sharp NU245 J5 Mono panels, on a south facing roof, this system will generate at least 3364 KW per year, this also has a high quality German SMA SB400TL inverter within the house, and has a bluetooth connection and SMA Explorer real time software link to a PC to allow the client to monitor system performance.

What the customer said . . . .

I'm writing to say how pleased I have been with the installation of the Solar PV panels you installed 3 months ago for which I have just received my first FIT cheque from E.ON for £641.36. The installation went very smoothly, in a calm and professional manner and I was impressed by the friendliness of the installation team, their care and consideration around the house and taking the time to explain the system once it was up and running. Applying for the FIT payments couldn’t have been easier, made even more so with the document ‘pack’ I received a few days after the work was complete. I would be more than happy to recommend your services to those seeking to have solar PV panels installed at their own homes.









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